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Creosot (EU) madness

The EU commision wants to forbid the use of Creosote. It is mainly used as a wood preservative for telephone posts and railroad ties. There has never over the past hundred years been a cancer case related to creosote- All the same, that is why the EU commision wants to forbid it's use!

Probably, some "scientists" have discovered a link between cancer and creosote in test animals. But we all know how these test are being made. To get grants the scientists must rely on "finding" the "right" test results as most of the grants is coming in from the governments and therefore are politically motivated. It's also true that most of the governments in EU are socialistic with an unproportional influence by the greens.

Swedens invironment comissionary Margot Wallström (social democrate) is one of the leading figures behind EU:s chemical directive REACH which will now force Sweden to replace the railroad ties with steel ones at a cost of 25 bilion kr (about $4.2 billions)- what the cost will be for the rest of EU is unknown.

The wooden railroad ties are supposed to be replaced with steel ones. Not only will this make train travel much noisier, but one can only imagine all the energy that will have to be produced to do this- with added CO2 into the atmosphere. Politicians- and especially the red/green ones) seems to have there heads stuck up so far in their asses that they can watch the BS coming out of their mouths... (And still not get it!)


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