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Al Gore living as he learns?

This is a translation of an article by Henrik Alexandersson over at HAX.

As allways- everything wrong is my fault.

Al Gore took the [Swedish] governmental jet to Frankfurt

Al Gore is the climate alarmism's great evangelist. Among other things, he think that people should lessen their flying- And that it should be more expensive doing it.

But Mr Gore flyes quite much himself. As a rule in first class which of course emmitts even larger quantities of CO2 because there you have less passangers per sqare meter. Sometimes he flyes in private jets, which of course is even worse.

December 12, Al Gore was in Sweden. He met with the Swedish PM and made a speach in the parliment. Then he went on to Frankfurt.

With the Swedish governmental jet!

How great carbon dioxide emissions did that make? Totally unnessecary! ( Thre are three reg flights being done between Stockholm and Frankfurt every day- and seven between Copenhagen and Frankfurt).

Who paid for this? It was done on the Swedish taxpayers expenses.

But the story does not end there. To just let Mr Gore fly with the governmental jet would be against the rules. Only official governmental persons are alowed to do that.

So the minister of aid- Gunilla Carlsson had to act babysitter and hang a long on the ride to Frankfurt, just making a touch down and fly home to Stockholm again.

The prize for Al Gore and the créme de la créme of Sweden politicians to slap each others backs for a few hours was unessesary high CO2 emissions. And a fat bill to the tax payers. And of course that the minister of aid had to take a day off to be a taxi driver for Mr Gore.

Al Gore is a hypocrite!


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