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Urban 'Indians' sabotage SUVs

Environmental activists in Stockholm have taken to sabotaging SUVs as a means of prompting motorists to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions.

They do it by slashing the tyres of the cars. IDIOTS! When the car owners then buy new tyres- which they ceartinly will; they will use up four barrels of oil for making the new tyres... (Not to mention all the energy needed to run the factory- where is that taken from stupids?) And at the same time it is us- the other payers of incsurances that will pay for it.

At the same time these "snot-kids" are using and flashing with expenisive cell phones and really expensive designer clothes (all in black of course). Where the hell do they think the energy is taken from to make them? Then they happily drive home on their mopeds (which I'm shure is solar powered :p). And then again; why don't you slash the tyres of Peter Erikssons SUV to begin with? (P E is one of the talking heads of Miljöpartiet- The Greens- [and on a side note also my old high school teatcher].

Hey you! Yes I mean you you little shit! If you really want to lessen the CO2 imprint in the world- then go and kill yourself! It's the only way! No, not really I would'nt want you to do that really. But you know what? You could always move out to the woods, maybe live in a cave? But don't you dare burn some wood to keep you warm. Because then you will emitt about ten times more CO2 for every watt of energy than a SUV would. And the really funny thing is that you would emitt 20 times more water vapour or steam than a SUV for every watt of energy. And as we all know it; water wapor is 8 times more potent as a green house gas than CO2!

So do you really want to make a positive imprint visavi the CO2 imprint in the world? Then throw away your cellphone, your Ipod, your X-Box, your TV, your sound system, your vacuum cleaner etc, etc. Much more fun than slashing tyres huh?

I am blaming every tenth of a centigrade of temperature rise on the environmentalists at the moment. THEY are the proof of that Darwin was wrong! x%##!&%¤#"!

Heres the link (watch out so your head does'nt explode...)


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