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Communistic heaven?

Polls have been taken in Cuba (yes that's a capital C) and the results are not surprising...

•41% of Cubans believe the situation in Cuba is going badly or very badly, compared with 25% who believe it's going well or very well.

•77% of Cubans want a new system of elections.

•83% of Cubans believe changes to a more market-based economy would improve their daily lives.

The Cuban Interests Section in Washington, which represents the Cuban government, declined to comment on the poll. (What a frikking surprise- dont you think!)

OMG! Let the poor Cubans get free! May castro and his government die! They are living on an island that very well could be rich and prosperous. The beaches and the suroundings alone would attract millions of people to a visit, if only the castorian iron- grip of it all would vanish. Enough is enough!

After that there's just north korea, zimbawe, china.............. sigh! The list goes on. And I have'nt even counted in the islamic countrys here.

Thing is; the people of Cuba could have been free a long time ago, but they did'nt take the fight! Totalitarian ideology truly is the opium for the people. Don't think for yourself- let the government do it for you; they are all living in laalaa land.

The scary part is that we in the EU are going down the same slippery slope.



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