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The clash

The little village of  Hållsta just outsisde of Eskilstuna municipality, with a population of about 800 citizens, has taken on it self to accept 400 asylum seekers in a sudden move to broaden the pop with about 50% over a couple of days.
Welcome to the djungle!
Most of the people seeking "reefugee" are from Afghanistan, Somalia and coming just in... From Syria.
Of course we are to be understood that they are all model citizens, who we need to accept. As we here are in dire need of more goat sheperds!

I believe that a good and healthy portion of these "refugees"- especially those wrinkeled and thin- haired ones that passes for "under age"; has a true and meaningful aim in their life. Becoming model citizens, wanting nothing more than contribute to the society.
The problem is:
What are we going to do with them during the two or three generations until they adapt?
I´m not kidding!

On the avarage, for an immigrant to Sweden, it takes betwenn 7-12 years (man-woman) to get employed. Are you over 25 when you come here, you never, NEVER ever earn enough money to tax youreself for the social benifits.
The 7-12 years limit also considers ALL immigrants, From western Europe, from the USA, Canada, Australia and so on. The main part of immigrants we get here today are on th contrary from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Dioujibuti and the rest of the MENA countries. A large portion of these are utterly unenployable. They are analphabetes, lacks modern edjucation- if have any at all. And above all; they´re mostly muslims, who notoriously does´nt want anything to do at all with western society, including getting a job.

"Muslims are offended a lot. Statistics say that 40 percent of Muslims are offended at any given time, but 80 percent of Muslims found that statistic offensive, conclusively proving it wrong."

Post scriptum:

41000 granted asylum seeking permanent residencies are prospected every eyar from 2013 on, not including "next of kin immigration"- which can be as much as x4 times on the average for MENA PR:s.
That's on a total- of today- of 9 500 000 people in Sweden.
So every year we allow a small town of non- europeians to settle in Sweden.
With the birthrates of muslims; Sweden will become a muslim majority state by 2050-2070...

Take a whiff of this video (Not embedded)
Just another day in Malmö (Swedens third largest city).


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