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EU idioticy

What follows is so idiotic that it can only have one source, namely: EU.

In a memorandum called "Gender neutral language", the EU parlamentaries are forbidden to use words like; Fröken/Fru, Mr/Mrs, Madame/Mademoiselle, Frau/Fräulin, Senor/Senorita etc. Every word with "Man" in it is proposed to be forbidden.

You cant use words like "Sportsmen" instead you should use "Athlets".

Statesmen is a no-no, instead you should say political leader. Likewise are forbidden words like firemen, man-made, hostess, headmaster, policemen etc. All because of the EU:s language police.

As the Englishmen say's it- You can't make it up!

Now that Marit Paulsen is going to Brussel for the FP- Wonder if you can call her "Bitch"?

A tip of the turban to Kurt Lundgren


Blogger Joey said...

wow - talk about taking a non-story and believing it!

These words are NOT forbidden at all! Parliamentarians were issued with a small booklet detailing appropriate non-gender specific language AND THE SITUATIONS IT SHOULD BE USED IN.

For example - advertising for a headmaster implies a male, so they should use a gender-neutral word such a principal to avoid any confusion - especially to non-native English speakers etc.

If you really have a bee in your bonnet about this carry on using gender-definitive words - so make sure you don't call a police man 'police officer' by accident, hey!

Saturday, 28 March 2009 at 01:27:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Sorry, but nope!
The memorandum excplicity forbids parlamentaries to use those "forbidden" words.

Of course, a memorandum is NOT definitive, only a guidline but still something the members of the parliment has to have in mind when adressing the parlimentaries or the commons.

Only after being passed by the parliment itself it will become a guidline, but just having a memoranddum itself makes it a "story"...

Tuesday, 31 March 2009 at 00:13:00 CEST

Blogger pela68 said...

Only after being passed by the parliment itself it will become a [definitive]guidline

(sorry, a word fell off the sentence)

Tuesday, 31 March 2009 at 00:15:00 CEST


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