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Police detain 470 at neo-Nazi demonstration

Note that no one in the picture are nazis. They are instead what the papers call "activists" another word for left wing facists!

Police took 470 activists into custody at Saturday's demonstrations in Salem, south of Stockholm. 15 were arrested as police reported a "successful day".

Tension was high this year as extremist groups from right and left assembled in Salem, south-western Stockholm, for demonstrations variously in support of neo-Nazi groups or for democracy against fascism. [Err- first of all. Both wings belongs on the left hand- authortarian side on the political scale (NSDAP= Nationale Socialistic Deuthche Arbeider Partie= Nazis. Second: The neo- nazis might be crackpots, BUT they excerciced their constitutional right to demonstrate and had a permit for it. The "activists" did not! They never have!]

Fire-bombing attacks at the end of November against left-wing activists in nearby Högdalen had caused extra concern at the annual event which takes place to mark the death of a 17-year-old neo-Nazi killed on December 9th 2000. [As I said- the nazis aswell as the "activists are cracpots and idiots! The firebombing against the left- wing activists did take place after THEY had firebombed a well known nazi syphatizers home as a revenge for the alleged firebombing of the "youth house" Cyclopen. They did-and don't- not know who the perps was and automatically assumed that it was the nazis. It could be the nazis, but I would not be the least surprised if it were someone in the ranks of the "activists" themself. They have a pretty bad track record with firebombings.

"It was a successful day from a police perspective," said Anders Olsson at Stockholm police to news agency TT.

Nätverk mot Rasism (network against racism) held a standing demonstration at around lunchtime and managed to assemble some 350 activists, while the far-right Salemfond was given permission to march to Salem from nearby Rönninge.

Police detained 274 demonstrators who had assembled at Rönninge station before dispersing them by buses and trains to locations far from the town.

A group of known militant Danish and German activists were collected by police from a bus in Alby and prevented from joining in the Salem demonstrations. [Again; Why do they call them "activists"? They are nothing more than thugs- or even fascist terrorists. Is it not ironic that AFA (Anti Facist Action) are using exactly the means their socialist brothers (the fascists) uses to by unparlimantary ways try to undermine free speach?]

A further 33 people from Norway, Germany and the UK were detained at Kafé 44 on Södermalm in Stockholm.

In total of 15 of those detained were placed under arrest on suspicion of charges ranging from intent to cause grievous bodily harm, intent to vandalism and sabotage, rioting and weapons offences.

At 5.30pm around 700 neo-Nazis joined the march in Rönninge towards the bus stop where the teenager was killed in 2000.

The cost of the police demonstration is thought to be in the region of 6 million kronor ($711,000) and opposition to the demonstrations has become more vocal in recent years. [Send AFA the bill! They were the ones doing all the violence and carnage. Who are the bad guys really?]

The Local reported on Saturday that a group pf cross-party local councillors penned a debate article in Dagens Nyheter on Saturday arguing that the police and the courts are giving permission for an organised riot. [No it's called freedom of expression and the constitutional right for demonstrations (with permission- something the brown-shirts had, not AFA and their hang-ons.]

Kristina Alvendal, the Moderate party chairman of Stockholm police board, was in Salem on Saturday and was however happy with what she saw.

"The police have had the situation firmly under control," Alvendal said while expressing understanding for local residents who are obliged to live under siege for a December day every year. ["The police have had the situation firmly under control" WHUT? 6MKr in cost just for the police and no one knows how much that was destroyed in the riots and what value that has. Please sir, I have to smile a little bit.]


I might not agree with what you say- but I would give my life for your right to say it (Voltaire never said that- but it's a good one liner...


Blogger JMK said...

"Err- first of all. Both wings belongs on the left hand- authortarian side on the political scale (NSDAP= Nationale Socialistic Deuthche Arbeider Partie= Nazis." (Pela)

100% RIGHT!

It is the Left that supports the superiority of the State, whether that'[s Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Pol Pot, it's all the same creed.

The opposite end of the spectrum is actually anarchism or the completely unregulated market.

In fact, here's a great website that documents that with Hitler's own words;

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