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Brrr! Bad vibes

Britons should be subjected to random carbon spotchecks and intensive surveillance of their diets, transport and waste disposal habits, says the Government's architecture and design quango in a new report today.

The word "monitoring" occurs 19 times in the 32-page publication by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). If the proposals in the report What Makes An Eco Town?are implemented few aspects of life will go unrecorded.

CABE says the strict monitoring is needed to ensure the carbon footprint of the eco-town dwellers remains at one-third of the British average, which is the requirement for what's called "one-planet living", the quango says.

Examples of monitoring include "the ecological footprint of the diet of 100 randomly selected residents", and the number of shops selling local produce. Waste disposal and transportion habits will also be scrutinized.

The Carbon Cult also wants to choose what you food you eat, and will carefully pre-select only the most righteous retailers. Veggies will be pleased to read that the report recommends "actively seeking retailers on site who will commit to supporting residents in reducing the ecological footprint of their food consumption, in particular providing a wide variety of healthy, low meat and dairy options."

One statistic that won't be recorded is the mortality rate from suicide caused by living in such a grimly regimented and obsessively monitored environment. Or maybe that's the plan. The Government proposes 15 such towns to be built for over 100,000 citizens.

An eco-town resident fails to reach the perimeter

An eco-town resident fails to reach the perimeter

As we have already reported, other eco-town restrictions include a 15mph speed limit for vehicles , and toilets that don't flush. Residents would also be "fined" for leaving the eco-town.

You can download the report from here - and it's well worth a read. It has the zeal of a Maoist revolutionary order, as written by the most anally-retentive bureaucrat who ever lived. ® Huh? Registered? See if I care!

But otherwise it is a good article from The Register.

The eco heads never seems to begin to amaze me. It's the same snow slush over and over again.

"The polar bears are drowning!" While all evidence points out that the arctic polar cap in fact growes. And that the polar bears seen swimming in the oceans are in fact trying to get the hell out of there- it's to cold!

"The gulf stream is slowing down." No it's not. Because the artic regions are getting colder, the gulf stream are in fact speeding up! It's the temperature differences that are the motor.

"We have a global warming." Yes. The global temperatures has rizen with 0.5 degrees Celcius since the 18 hundreds. Thing is that the global temperatures has fallen with 0.5 degrees during the past twelve months.- But of course that has to be because of the global warming?

"We need alternative energy resources." YES! I'm in with that. But not as the green heads think. I don't want any polluting alternative energy resources like wind turbines or solar cell panels that are built with oil energy. I want clean cheap energy from nuclear power plants (ultimatily fusion power plants).

"We are hungry, we have no food." So go and buy some in the frigging store then! And don't you dare to buy any of that eco- crap which only strains the economy even more. And as we all know; money equals energy spent, and every erg of energy spent equals a certain amount of "pollution", may that be CO2 from car engines or acids from burning wood.

"We should use electric powered means of transportation." Well, were do you think the electricity comes from? Some wizard doing magic with his knees?

Grrr; I could go on, but I'm hungry and will eat some absolutely non eco- food.


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