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EU madness II

It's difficult to beat the efforts to turn Barnsley into a Tuscan hill village as an example of how the EU wastes money, but this comes fairly close:

The European Union has given £79,000 to a Danish businessman to build a ski slope - on an island where snow rarely falls and there are no high hills.

Ole Harild lives on the island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, which is known for its sunny climate and lack of snow.

Mr Harild had been unable to go skiing abroad one year with his wife because of work and came up with the idea of building his own Alpine ski run for the island.

Not thinking it would come to anything, Harild put in a request for an EU subsidy in the winter of 2006.

"I never thought they (the EU experts) were going to back something so crazy," Ole Harild said.

"But since the money had been released there was no reason not to go ahead with the plan."

With the money made available Mr Harild bought a machine to mark out the run, a snow blower and 80 pairs of skis and boots for hire.

Unfortunately, the run was open only for one day last winter but Harild said that in spite of predictions of global warming he lives in hope that one day cold weather will return.
Yeah. That will be a cold day in hell. Last year I could go skiing or sledging with my son excactly... Zero days! And Bornholm are quite a few metric miles south of where I live.
A couple of hundred ears ago you could walk between Sweden and Denmark on the ice over Öresund, they call it the little icetime. And while there are temperature drops globally, let's just hope that we will not be able to do it again.
During the Viking times wine ranks growed here, in spite of not burning fossile fuel.
This years summer has been the coldest and wettest since the 40:s.
But still, EU handouts are been given away for crazy projects like this. It's my money you bastards!
Dang! Give it away to our senior citizens instead, or give the kids in schools better food, or give it to the army , the police force, the fire fighters- what ever- just hand it out to something that really matters.


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