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Sicko II

To morrow is the last day of my sickleave.


If it were not for the fact that my leg is as bad as ever...

I have not got any appointment for MRI.

I have not got the recall appoitment.

I have called the hospital three times now, but noone can give me any answers.

They say that they will call me back but nothing happens.

I'm in limbo!

Sure I could probably crutch my way to the office. But I would pay hell fpr that afterwards.

There are no buslines (well there are, but that would be a two stop 40 minute ride to travel 700 meters). I had to stop munching the pills the doc gave me as they screwed with my head (not to mention my liver). So I'm back on ASA preparates, and while they help a little- they can't make me do polevaults...

So for the third time:
Michael Moore! Come here- I wan't to have a word with you!
Arrgh! Blogspot are screwing with the formatting- again. That too!

I'm called back to the orthoapediac clinic tomorrow. Great! That's another $42 I have to spend for someone to tell me what I allready know.
Heck! Just give me that MRI!
Cut the leg off!
Put me to sleep!
Just do something!

And there is absolutely no way, NO WAY to get in contact with my doc. I don't even know if it's a he or a she anymore. Last time it was a she, but tomorrow it will be a he.

And all the while I'm loosing money because I can't work.


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