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Things that tick me off (Part II)

8. People who press the pass by thingy at streets and then still go against a red light/no cross over/no walk light.

9. People who have to shoot bears (always hunters) because they are "attacking" them. (I have stayed more than a thousand nights in the woods here in sweden, and I only have encountered a bear once- and it was running for it's life because it was so frightened of me...).

10. People that think it's a great idea to stand chatting in front of escalators, at the end of escalators or generally in entrances or other places where people have to pass through.

11. Girls that flashes their boobs willingly in the sauna or at the beach but will throw a brick in your face if you catch a glimpse of a nipple otherwise.

12. Echological idiots as my old high school teatcher Peter Ericsson (the head honco for the greens here in Sweden). He is a nice enough guy generally but the worst hypochrate when it comes to environmental issues you can think of- well maybe with the exception of Al Gore that is!

13. People that think that "Bio Fuel" actually is positive for the environment- HEH!

14. .....Well idiots really! Hmmm lesse if I can come up with more things that tick me off (there are hundreds, I just don't have the time right now.


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