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The Swedish nurses has gone on strike for higher salaries. A friend of mine who is reading for a nurse degree (bizzarily enough, it's an university degree nowdays). Told me that she thought that nurses are underpaid.

I said that. Yes. I think that nurses are underpaid. But so are also Polices and Firefighters (they are all state employed). Have you ever wondered why they never go on strike for more money? It is because they can't! They are not allowed to! Neither can doctors, military people or even frigging petrol station employees. The mean salary for a nurse is around 22 000Kr per month and the end salary is 28-29 000 Kr per month. That is allready more than what polices, military personel and petrol station employees earn. And they want more!

But yes, the nurses are under payed. Atleast on an international scale. A nurse in the USA earns about as much as a Swedish doctor do- and pays less in taxes. But why is it so? I asked. Well dear, as it happens you are employed in the public sector (we have almost no private healthcare here). I on the other hand are employed in the private sector (as the majority of the nurses in the USA are). And it is me who pays your salary! Not only that. Every employee in the private sector has to pay for an average of 1.7 people in the public sector! To do this, we have to pay taxes- a lot of taxes. This also means that we have to earn a heck of a lot of money to do so.

While I have every bit of respect for nurses as per se. I hate when they go whining about not getting paid enough. Do you want to earn more money? Then get a job in the frigging private sector! It's like- Cut your hair and get a job!


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