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Back again

Have had some pretty rough days. Feeling a little better now, just in time for my little trip- thank you! How nice would it have been to have to spend a week in the hotel room in bed? Because going we are! My son has allready packed his bag (a cabin bag) full of toys. I'm having real trouble explaining to him that he should pack clothes instead. Well- I think I have to do it the sneaky way and pack his bag the night before we are going when he is asleep.

I find religion... Hmm! Interresting. I have read the bible several times. I have read the quran (and what a drag that was). I have read about other religions aswell. Mostly out of curiosity but also because I needed to understand the context of the texts. As you know I'm the lowliest of life. I'm an unbeliwer. Well according to some people anyway.

I have respect for those who have found religion. Suit your self! Make your own bed! Keep it personal! What I have a hard time to find respect for though is the dogmas, the churches (not the actual buildings- they can be quite beautiful after all) and all those who make big bucks of the whole enterprise. And If some one tells me that I can't make mockery of and critisise any religion, they can go to Malmö. Right now islam is the one religiously cloaked ideology that is most worthy of being ridiculed, and in my opinion will continue to be for the forseeable future. But to balance it up a little.

Here is George Carlin's take on the Ten Commandments.


Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Pela, You are welcome to choose or reject under Christianity. Many friends, believing and unbelieving, choose to honor each others views which differ widely. We may want you to find your own way to the answers and we will help if we can, as we expect help from our friends. Many Christians, myself included, have gone through feelings and phases of agnosticism and athiesm. In America, we respected each other for each others character as individuals and we had the ability to support the rights of each other regardless of differences in belief. Indeed, several of the "Founding Fathers" were agnostic, athiestic or diests (not to mention all the various doctrines found among the religions) and there was tolerence for each others views and this has continued to be a strength for American society until very recently.

No one in our cultures has prevented our rights to hold our beliefs or our rights to our unbeliefs, although there are some strong secularist/leftist tendencies to deny our beliefs now that we have chosen Christianity and express our beliefs in the Bible and Christ.

Try to find this tolerence for different viewpoints within Islamic countries. At best, people of other beliefs will be paying a tax (probably about 50%) for the right to live as an inferior among Muslims in an archaic system of civilization.
At worst - well, you know the answer to that.

Keep checking your beliefs and come to your own decisions. No one is going to be making those determinations for you - yet, at least.

Good luck at having the same abilities and rights among the Leftist or Islamic cultures. Under the left, the state will suffocate you with laws, taxes and control over all aspects of your life (all for the public good, of course). Pretty much the same under Islamic rule, except instead of suffocation there may be overt discrimination and beheading. We believers in the individual (whether religious or not) need to avoid these two totalitarians.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008 at 17:42:00 CEST

Blogger pela68 said...

Amen! HEH! (Sorry- I cold not resist it...).

FF- You are quite right. I would rather live under a new born christian ruling than under a islamic one. I personally just find it hard to belive. I have done the jorney the other way around. When I was young I was a firm beliver, but as I got older I got more and more doubtful. I don't know if it's the mind of science that I have or if it's seeing what's going on in the world. It's probably a combination of the two.

But I think I'm being somewhat sensible when I say that I do not exclude the possibility of a higher being- that would be bad science!

Somehow though. In my heart I find it hard to cherish a god that commands you to kill and subjugate other people (and yes- there are passages in the bible that tells you to do just that. The difference being that christianity have been reformed over the years- something islam never have been).

Many intelligent people can do a three thousand word essay or rant about islam and it's connections to terrorism and then end it up with a "but of course, not every muslim is a terrorist and that, not all muslims are islamists!". Well- that's quite aqurate! What they forget to ad is that almost all terrorists today are muslims and that all islamists are muslims...

Wednesday, 2 April 2008 at 23:51:00 CEST


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