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Swedish military

In this country we have about 60 000 men and womans that could be munstered for action if needed. At the same time we have 10 000 comissioned officers (professionals). Most of them are sitting behind desks. Only about 400 of them are out on missions (which is Swedish defence forces n:o 1 task these days).

You all know by now that I'm deeply engaged in the military. We lack material and much of that we do have are outdated. Soldiers have to invest their own money to buy essential gear (like sleeping bags!) and at the same tome we have a couple of hundreds of JAS jet fighters that are not being used.

There are very good and advanced material in storage, we just don't get it out! That's beurocracy for you...

On a side note. The goggles the soldiers in the picture are wearing are marked "Don't use for war games!" (I have a couple of pairs of them myself) HEH!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is an insufficient force to guarantee to safety and security of your country. I understand the opposing point of view, but a respected British military leader once observed, β€œIt is customary in democratic countries to deplore expenditures on armaments as conflicting with the requirements of social services. There is a tendency to forget the most important social service a government can do for its people is to keep them alive and free.” β€” Sir John Slessor

There is no reason that any member of the armed forces should have to purchase any military accoutrement. Your defense ministry should be ashamed of this, and your people need to rally around the troops, not ignore them.

Semper Fi

Monday, 10 March 2008 at 20:34:00 CET


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