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Swedish media have a secret. "Svenska hemligheter"

I do not entirely concur with the message of this video, but to much is true to be overlooked.

Video here!

Also here is another video that has an interesting message.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure who is behind these videos. It might very well be somebody that has diametrical opposed wievs from mine, but they are informative and they are also true to the message as far as I can conclude. Watch them and make up your own mind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must tell you (1) it is a very interesting video, and (2) it reflects the avoidable consequence of unfettered immigration. In my view, there is a bar to immigration—and it has to do with whether or not an applicant meets certain criteria.

(1) He must relinquish citizenship rights in all other countries.
(2) The individual has a skill or profession that is in demand in the new country.
(3) Persons under 40 years must serve the state in some capacity for 2 years.
(4) Any violation of law during a probationary period results in automatic deportation.

These expectations are reasonable. They do not violate any human rights. Persons do not have an international right to migrate to any other country, nor should they have a right to remain in an adopted country if they violate local laws or customs.

The problem with unabated immigration among cultures who do not share in the traditional values of the adopted country, or who do not intend to embrace them because of existing cultural mores, is that confused loyalties can only produce second-class citizens. Politicians who refuse to acknowledge this fact, or who embrace dhimitude because it is politically expedient, are themselves disloyal to their country.

I’m not familiar with elections in Sweden, but I suspect that voters cast ballots in block elections, rather than for individual candidates. If true, it suggests some very powerful political machines at work — and this is the problem. But no matter what the system, we have similar issues here in the USA. People are so completely focused on their own immediate concerns that they aren’t paying attention to government policy and attitudes. IMO, Swedes should have gone into a state of rebellion when citizens were prohibited from displaying a representation of the flag on a polo shirt. You know, if local Muslims resent the “cross,” they can move back to wherever they came from . . .

Monday, 7 January 2008 at 21:03:00 CET


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