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Druggies left to die?

Washington State has a law allowing prosecutors to impose a special homicide charge on people who supply drugs to overdose victims. The problem is that the law itself may be causing more overdose deaths.

The state of Washington's position is clear: If someone calls 911 when a friend is overdosing, not only does the witness risk charges for possessing or selling drugs (which 911 callers in these situations have feared since the passage of the Controlled Substances Act), but he or she could be charged with homicide, too. The end result? Overdose victims—who might survive with prompt medical care—may be abandoned and left to die.

"It goes in the wrong direction and cuts against overdose prevention, overdose reporting, and taking someone to the hospital," says defense attorney Hiatt. "If I give you the drugs, I'll be less likely to take you to the hospital."

Well now, I'm no drug abuser- if you don't count salty/salmiac liqourice as a drug- but if I ever overdosed on the candy (which can be done) I really would like my buddy to get me hospitalized, without him being charged with attempted murder, riscing a capital punishment for he's "wrongdoings".

Drinking to much water can kill you (one way or another)- so by logic that means that every tap in the world should be sentenced to death? Or at least the municipal politicians that legislate thingys like this...

I don't know. But I think "The war on drugs" has become a "War on slugs". Meaning that the only ones getting punished are either the addicts or the prime source, namely poor farmers in third world country's.



Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

war on drugs..what a joke eh!..great find my friend!

Friday, 4 January 2008 at 04:26:00 CET


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