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The great fall of China

The most important story to come out of Washington recently had nothing to do with the endless presidential campaign. And although the media largely ignored it, the story changes the world.

The story's unlikely source was the staid World Bank, which published updated statistics on the economic output of 146 countries. China's economy, said the bank, is smaller than it thought.

About 40% smaller.

China, it turns out, isn't a $10-trillion economy on the brink of catching up with the United States. It is a $6-trillion economy, less than half our size. For the foreseeable future, China will have far less money to spend on its military and will face much deeper social and economic problems at home than experts previously believed.

So one of "the fastest growing markets on the earth" is not growing as fast as some would like it to be. Of course this has obviously nothing to do with the fact that China still is a totalitarian regime run by a dictatorship with it's roots in the legacy of the megalomaniac a- hole mao? (which by the way sounds more like a kitten being kicked that a proper name!).

The other day I saw a guy with a che tatoo on his arm. I asked him politely if I could sand paper it off and offered to beat him uncontious as an anasthetic. He did not take the offering and he really did not get it either!

We are so red in this country that even the blues are pink...


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