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Sitting here alone on Christmas eve ( which is THE big day in Sweden with presents- Julklappar- and everything). My son is over at his granny's, I was there too earlier today, but as I'm down with the flu (again) I did not want to stay to long because of granny's weakened immune defence (because of the chemo therapy).

I don't really know if that was a wise choise as there is nothing more poisionus than a four year old! But what the heck! My son was'nt sick then and there, and since it's a high risc of this being Granny's last Christmas- it's probably all right after all.

Then there's those with all to much time in their hands:

Christmas shoppers angered by dildos and a rabbit

Some people just cant stop getting "offended" - do they?

But this is kind of cute:

Santa's elves get busy at Sweden's post office

Otherwise it's kind of nice to be alone in the dark- so to speak. There's lot's of movies to watch, and I can freely sip down traditional season alchoholic bewerages. - No I don't mean egg nod (yuck!), but a couple of shots of Salmiakki liqoure chased down with some lagers.

Signing off- for now...


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Merry Christmas, Pela!

It's surprising that Christmas is a big holiday in a country that is so secularized. This must be traditional.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 at 00:50:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Well Christmas as well as easter, all Hallows night (Haloween) and the "Midsommar" (midsummer night) are all festivities celebrating four annually occuring events.

Namely winter, spring, summer and autumn solistices.

They were all celebrated here in the north (and elsewere) long before christianity ever set their foot here!

It,s pagan festivals that to some extent has been "christianized". Atleast easter and christmas- XMas was originally called "Mid vinterblot" (something like Mid winter sacrafices).

Well it was a couple of thousand years ago and the church made the pagan holidays their own. Nothing wrong with that! We are getting used to it now...

The only pagan festivities and we still have is Midsummer, when people like to dance around big fallos symbols, singing koackacka, koackacka, koackackakakaa, while imitating frogs (I'm not kidding- I,m totally serious!)- And get hammered and also practise some... well, rituals you might say. Like girls picking seven kinds of flowers putting under their pillow at night so they can dream of their future husband.

OH! And get hammered of course!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007 at 19:52:00 CET

Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Halloween misses autumnal equinox by six weeks!

But, if it's about getting hammered, there are quite a few people who really need no reason.

Friday, 28 December 2007 at 01:55:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...


Excuse me- my mistake. You are quite right there.

But Haloween is still a pagan rite from the beginning. No two ways abot it.

It has it's roots in the pre- christian keltic tradition that later was taken over by christian germanians (not Germans).

You are also right that it is an "equinox" rather than a solstice- my bad.

Friday, 28 December 2007 at 21:38:00 CET


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