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The board of university academia has got several thousand applications for the spring semester here in Sweden from Pakistanians. Last year it was the same story with Nigerians.

The Swedish edjucational system is free for anyone that has high enough grades to get in to it. You actually get paid to be a student (and it's not really hard to get in to the higher educational system- maybe save for medical school- and even I did that!).

The question is; why do all these people come here. Well some suggest that there are "agents" that is getting paid for the task of encouraging third world youngsters to applicate. There are some proof for this.

The big question is; who excactly is paying them off? And why?

Time to put on the tin foil hat...

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Anonymous Mustang said...

There are dozens of reasons why people migrate to other lands, even if only temporarily. Push factors include events that contribute to forced migration; pull factors involve the availability of opportunities in the new land that are not available in the old. Pull factors also include the availability of no-cost social services, so in many ways a nation that provides a plethora of services to its own residents is also “just asking for it” vis-à-vis immigrants who are looking for “free stuff.”

The “clear and present” danger to western societies is that we cannot know what is in a person’s mind, or heart. Every country should clamp down on immigration because (1) every new immigrant reduces benefits or increases taxes for its own citizens, (2) no foreigner has “a right” to citizenship in a new land, and (3) a large number of Middle Eastern immigrants seek no more than to destroy our societies, rather to embrace them. To me, this is just a matter of common sense. I realize that our government officials see it differently, but that is only because they lack common sense.

Friday, 2 November 2007 at 15:56:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Very well put Mustang.

What I'm asking myself is "Who can it possibly be that gains from this mass immigration?". (Sweden takes in a magnitude of an order of muslims per capita than any other country in the world right now). So who's ganing from it? And why?

The socialists here of course because allmost all the asylum seekers WILL cast a vote for them in elections.

But there has to be something more to it. Are there "agents" or "recruiters" then they must have some finacial gain for their efforts; or an ideological convivction. Money is the key here. Who is paying them? And why? Even if it is of ideological conviction, money has to be exchanged. But by who? And what are their goal?

Last semester 1500 foreign students-Somalis- registered as students at Swedish universities. How many turned up for classes? Six!

Brrrr! It's time to make a new tinfoil hat- with double layers...

Saturday, 3 November 2007 at 13:56:00 CET


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