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Ideology is no basis for international development

”Gender inequality is one of the main reasons for poverty in a world where 99 percent of the world’s total wealth is owned by men and where 90 percent of the total incomes globally are earned by men.”

Where does the above quote come from? To begin with, it is of course as wrong as it can get. In a country such as the UK women own more wealth than men. And more than two percent of global wealth is owned by the British. So even in that one single country, women own more than one percent of the world’s total wealth. Are we to assume that women’s ownership in all other countries is negative?

The quote is of course nothing more than a modern myth spread among left-wing gender feminists. But where did this quote actually come from? Young radical social democrats in Skåne? Leftist college students in Örebro Campus? In fact, the quote is actually from the Swedish aid agency SIDA.

In a recently published report, Fredrik Segerfeldt at think-tank Timbro looks at policy documents published by SIDA. Segerfeldt concludes that the aid agency does not have a realistic world view, relying on ideology rather than facts and logic.


This is a modern myth being uphold by main stream feminists with the only reason of blaming everything that they "feel" is unjust at an other party- namely Men! Does this feel recognisable? When broken down to actual workhours, what position you have, workexperince, etc. There are no gender differences visavi salaries between men contra women- atleast not here in Sweden!

It's very comparable with third worl and islamic countrys that blames us here in the west for their shortcomings. Whine, whine... I suppose that 80% of the womanly work force in this country is earning more than I do at the moment! There are a lot of reasons for this- I will not bore you with them. But am I a victim? NO! frikking NO! I have made my own bed.

One fellow university student that are studying for a nurse complained that the salaries for nurses were so low compared to the responsibility they have. When I told her that a Police Officer or a Firefighter earned less than she would do when out working IRL, she allmost went ballistic.



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