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I´m back- And I´m angry!

From Aftonbladet 3/30- 07 (Translation by me- all misstakes are mine exclusively).

Youths kicked down "Anna"

"Anna"- 12, was assaulted by a gang of "youths"- the youngest one was 9.
She was dragged to the ground, and when laying down the assaulters kicked her.
"I feel molested" she says.


Anna and her one year older girl friend was taking a stroll in the suburb in southern Stockholm where they resides at seven o´clock in the evening.
Suddenly a young girl started to follow them in their tracks- cursing them and calling them whores and cunts.

More and more "youths" was assembeling around "Anna" and her friend.
"We told them that we didn´t want any trouble, and tried to walk away. But it was like a cat´s game with rats", says "Anna"

Some of the "youths" started throwing gravel at the two girls.

A boy about 9 yers old jumped up and hit "Anna" in her head followed by cheering by the other "youths".

"It was scary. They were six or seven that was active, and there were a lot of bystanders.
Some of the males started kicking at the girls, they were pulled down to the ground by their hair- and the kicking continued.

"My daughter succeeded to make me a phonecall during the battering- but all I could here was screaming and crying. It was very frightening" tells "Annas" mother.

The battering was taking place on open streets, and many adults was passing by- but nobody tried to interfiere.

"I cried for help but everybody just walked on." says "Anna" They finally bruised and bloody managed to run away, followed by threatening calls from the "youthgang".


Now- The paper does not actually spell it out; but having taken place in a suburb in stockholm and when the perpetrators are "youths", one can make ceartain assumptions. This is something that happens daily in the larger towns of Sweden. And it is our multicultural challenged youths who are the perpetrators in 99.9% of the times. Add to this the 400% rise of rapes during the last few years, and you are getting a hint of the big picture.

That´s multiculturalism in working!


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I'm back, too.

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