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German judge suspended after judging by the quran

A female German judge denied a Maroccoan woman divorce on the grounds that the quran allowed the right for the husband to hit/tame his vife.

The Maroccoan mother of two children pleaded for divorce in a German court on the grounds that her husband frequently was violent and threatened to kill her.

The judge in the court of Frankfurt denied her a divorce on the grounds of quran scriptures.

After an appeal the judge of the court of Frankfurt was removed from the case.

What can you say? Eurabia is coming closer ever yet!

From Berlinske Tiderne (Danish) with a hat tip to Fröken Sverige

Read more at Spiegel Online


Blogger Highest Infidelity said...

They ought to send that judge somewhere to live under Sharia.

Or maybe the plan is to bring Sharia to her?

They learned nothing from Nazism....

Friday, 23 March 2007 at 12:17:00 CET


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