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“Condoleezza Rice is well aware that had the US Administration tried to expel Texans from their settlements and hand over the land to Mexico, a civil war would have erupted.

Yet in Israel, the expulsion was carried out in complete harmony: The Jewish army itself evacuated the Jews and destroyed the settlements, and the evacuees, as instructed by their leaders and rabbis, displayed a pathetic show of protest, prayer and tears. “

The visits by US secretary of state, the German chancellor and the UN secretary general are accompanied by grating tones - the first dissonance is emanating from the Jewish house recently added to Hebron.

Expulsion won’t be repeated..Marchers on Homesh aim to show that Israel cannot evict 300,000 settlers

And why did the media initially announce that that the Jews “overtook” a house in Hebron?
This phenomenon is reminiscent of anti-Semitic countries where legal purchase by Jews is also deemed “a takeover,” because actual Jewish presence is viewed negatively.
Unlike Gaza, there is no separation fence; the area is desolate and abandoned.
The “C” area is patrolled by the IDF, which has even asked to return to adjacent Sanur so it could use it as a base to fight the terror that has resumed since the disengagement - but the political echelons have refused this request.

This is sooo good! Read the rest of the excellent post over at Woman Honor Thyself

What?…Israel should give them MORE land?!


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