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A moon made out of cheese

I believe in freedom of religion. But that also means, that I believe in freedom from religion. It is imperative from a humanistic point of view to include both way of thoughts.

I might not share your beliefs- but on the other hand; I will not force you to share mine! Even an atheist belives- in the lack of a higher existence.

I don't care if you worship allah or if you worship the christian god. I don't care if you are Hindu or Buddisth. It is just not my cup of tea. I belive in humans! You could say that god (or whatever) never has come over to my place knocking at my door. Or in the words of Brigitte Gabriel- "I do not care what you belive in. You can belive in whatever you want. You can belive in stones if you want. Just do not throw the stones at me!"

I belive in science; and from a scientific philosofical point of view- I do not rule out the possibility of a higher being- because that would be scientificly bad. I also belive that you have the right to belive, in whatever you choose.

OK! Having that said I would like to present you with a list of quotes from other belivers. I find some of them amusing and intellectually challenging philosophically. I hope you do too- If not, skip the post or sod off.

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Ground control to Major TomYour circuit's dead, there's something wrongCan you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you....Here am I floating round my tin canFar above the moonPlanet earth is blueAnd there's nothing I can do.


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