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Me, myself and islam

So far, I have refrained from writing any lenghty posts in English. It's not my native language, and therefore I feel that some- or the majority- of the actual menings of my standpoints and messages could be lost within a torrent of mispellings and lack of correct anglosaxian punctuation.

So please have patience with me. I hope that the essence of what I belive in still will get throught to you. If anyone reading this discovers anything that does'nt make any sense; please notifie me on the subject in matter.

I have noticed that most (of my few) readers are English- speaking, and I feel that you all deserve a little background of my thoughts and what I belive in.

I belive in democracy. I belive in basic freedom and rights for all people. That would include such rights as: Freedom of speach, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. In short; I'm a humanist. I belive in humans, not neccesarily in a specific ideology or religion. But I do belive that everyone on this planet has the right to choose for themself wether or wether not they want to embrace an ideology or a religion.

The problem is that some of theese ideologies and religions does'nt implement the basic freedom for you to actually choose! Theese currents of ideologies, thoughts and religions wants to choose for you! For some this might be a compelling way of never having to take responsibillity for their own destiny. If something goes bad- no worries- It is allways someone elses fault.

One such ideology is nazism. An other is communism. And a third, what we faces today; is islam!

Islam is not only a religion (if it even could be called as such). It is an imperialistic, totalitarian and all- embracing political ideology. It is a way of life- and as such- in my opinion- a terrible, terrible way of life. It is the true opium for the masses. Muslims worship a man who was a murderer, pedophile, liar, thief, gangster and generally a thug. He gave the meaning to ”La Cosa Nostra” before the Mafia even existed. This man is the ultimate ideale for muslims. The most rightful man. His morale permeates their whole ideology. No wonder islam brings out the worst in humans.

I'm not saying that all muslims are bad people. I (hope) that a majority of the muslims are decent humanbeeings. I have met and made accuainatces with many muslims who I liked very much. I have even had a relationship with muslim girl at one time (which ended at gunpoint from one of her countrymen- but that's a whole other story). It's not the humanbeings behind the viels and the badly attended beards. It is something else- more deeply rooted.

It is islam!

To be continued:


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

I think you explained that very well.

It's not about religion; it's about freedom. Even atheists and agnostics need to be concerned about Islam, because as Islam is being radicalized from some directions -- especially from Saudi Arabia -- atheism and agnosticism will no longer be tolerated.

Many Muslims here in the West enjoy the freedoms they have, and want everyone to have freedoms. Those Muslims seek to spread Islam by peacefully offering it to others; whichever way you decide, they respect you.

Many Muslims in the Islamic World wish they had these freedoms.

That's why the Saudis (and others) are spending so much money and effort to radicalize it. They can't tolerate that peaceful coexistence.

They have no freedom in their own country; they are all slaves of their system; even the king and the ulama themselves are slaves of Wahhabi Islam!

Anywhere in the world that is free is a place their people might escape to. Just the knowledge that freedom exists somewhere else is a threat to their oppressive order, and that's why the Saudi Royal Family and their Wahhabi allies try so hard to eliminate freedom everywhere.

If your average Muslims were bad people, the radicals' job would be easy. But they're not, so it isn't. The Saudi/Wahhabi alliance has to work very hard radicalizing the Islamic world, teaching people to hate, and fanning the flames of that hatred continuously.

To be useful, the hatred has to burn hot. But it's hard to keep it so hot for long; they have to use that burning hatred to seize world power before it burns itself out.

It doesn't help that the core of Islam lends itself so well to the hatred and violence....

We have to keep the discussion of Islam alive. It is our duty not just to the Free World, but to the people in the Islamic World, if they are ever going to have a chance to decide their own future for themselves, rather than being pawns, enslaved and exploited by a political-religious elite.

Keeping a candid discussion alive is more than the best way we can fight them; it's the best way we can save them.

Keep up the good work, and God bless you!

Thursday, 22 February 2007 at 12:04:00 CET

Blogger pela68 said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Although I dont credit myself nearly as a proifficent writer as you are, I would very much like to get out the message- so to speak.

The trouble here in Europe- and in Sweden in particular- is that if you even so much as breath at the subject of critisism against islam and islamism; you amidietly get branded as a "islamophobe", which in PK- translation reads "racist".

As you say, there is nothing wrong with muslims. Much like I think that the majority of those who owned a party- book for the nazis and the USSR- communist parties during the 20:th century was'nt all bad people. I think they generally was people struggeling for a deacent life, just as we are today.

The underlying problem with Germany during the 30:s and 40:s and with th Soviet Union up until the early 90:s were not the people living in these countrys, but the very ideologys they were slaves under!

The same can be said about muslims in muslim countrys (and sadly also here in the west). They are only victims under an imperialistic and violent ideology and way of thought.

Here in Europe- under the (pherhaps) wellmeaning ideological stance of multiculturalism- it means that we actually enforces people to embrace the very despotic thoughtpatterns these people once fled from. In my opinion; THAT is the worst form of racism, when you actually degrade your own culture and activelly makes a difference between people and people.

Ironically, this socialistic indoctrination of cultural values do'nt work on the people who it was set up for- namly the first generation immigrants. Instead it is mostly the second generation immigrants- who were born here- which get more and more radicalised, fueled and funded with saudi wahabbist petro- dollars.

Ok, this (again) got rather more lenghty than I intended it to be (it could almost be a topic of it's own).

But, thank's again for your kind words my friend. I'm looking forward to read you're always interresting and intellectually compelling blogposts.

Thursday, 22 February 2007 at 13:14:00 CET


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