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Political Correctness is the Incubator of Islamism

Time and again we are told by the politically correct “experts” not to worry
about Islam posing a threat to our way of life. We are repeatedly lectured that
only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are giving the
peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. We are also informed that the terrorists,
who happened to be Muslims, are the disaffected and the young. And not to worry,
since as the fire of youth turns to ashes of old age the rebellious will mellow,
as they always have.
With heavy assurances like this, coming from so many
know-it-all authoritative figures, we can sleep soundly without the aid of
sleeping pills. After all, people reason that these pundits are “experts” whose
job is to know and tell it like it is. Those who voice contrary views must be a
bunch of racist, alarmist hate mongers. Who is right?

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