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Islamic Imperialism 102

Yankee Doodle har en alldeles utmärkt blog som är väl värd att besöka. Ett av hans inlägg fick mig att haja till lite extra. Jag publicerar det här i sin helhet. Länkar till YD:s blog finner ni i slutet på inlägget.

Many people seem to underestimate the extent to which Islam is imperialistic.Islam demands 1) your body, 2) your intellect, 3) your emotions, and 4) your very soul.Islam is thus 1) corporal imperialism, 2) intellectual imperialism, 3) emotional imperialism, and 4) spiritual imperialism.First of all, notice the words "Islam demands...." It is popular to quote from the Koran the following:

[2.256] There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.Yet, it is a tenet of traditional Islam to offer people the infamous triple choice: 1) conversion to Islam; 2) submission to Islamic rule, including the payment of an oppressive special tax and subjugation under stiflingly limited and revocable "rights" (dhimmi status or dhimmification); or 3) war and death.

Under Wahhabi Islam, the kind Saudi Arabia so eagerly spreads around the world, the choice has been simplified: 1) conversion to Wahhabi Islam, and strict compliance with its rules; or 2) death.No compulsion? "Islam demands...."Islamic Law, known as Sharia, establishes illegitimate rules regarding a person's body; it places unreasonable limitations on a person's liberty.Any society has legitimate rules of behavior: do not murder; drive on this side of the road; etc....

These reasonable limitations on what kind of behavior is allowed are in place, so as to prevent one person's exercise of liberty from infringing on another person. If one takes the life of another person, one deprives that other person of his or her rights and liberty. By driving on one side of the road, one allows other people to feel a relative degree of safety driving on the other side of the road, so they can exercise their freedom to drive as well.Islam establishes and enforces rules that limit a person's freedom, even though not abiding by those rules would in now way infringe on the rights or liberty of others.

For example, when the call to prayer goes out, everyone must pray; this is not a choice. A person is not allowed to merely remain quiet and permit others to pray; one must face Mecca and go through the motions. Women's rights are particularly infringed; women must be covered in a veil, and they may move about in public only when fully attired and escorted by an appropriate male. A woman is not allowed to wear jeans and a blouse, and walk down the street alone, even though this would in no way infringe upon the freedom of others to do the same.Islam's rules for a person's behavior are unreasonable and illegitimate. "Islam demands 1) your body...."The answer to any question in the Islamic World is to be found in Islamic texts.

Of course, not just anyone is free to interpret those texts; only certain leaders in the Islamic community may interpret them. Consequently, those who have authority to interpret the rules essentially make the rules and answer the questions. Deviation from the accepted truths of Islam is apostasy, punishable by death. This is especially true of Wahhabi Islam.Certain things may not be questioned; notably, Islam itself may not be questioned, the Koran may not be questioned, the Prophet may not be questioned.

This places even a good Muslim on shaky ground; even an innocent request for clarification of Muslim beliefs can be perceived of as questioning their legitimacy, and can result in one's execution.Once the precedent is set that those who interpret the rules prohibit one line of questioning, the prohibition of other lines follows; it is a slippery slope. As legitimate debate becomes chilled, intellectual freedom becomes more constrained, until one no longer feels able to ask any question, no matter how innocent, for fear of how it will be perceived. Islam demands ... 2) your intellect....Hand-in-hand with intellectual tyrrany goes emotional tyrrany. Those who interpret the rules tell you whom you may love, whom you must hate.

This goes far beyond telling Muslims to hate infidels. A woman does not have the freedom to love the man of her choice, since she will likely never have a chance to meet many men, being so guarded by the males in her family. Ultimately, they decide who will be her husband.Should she love her husband, or should she grow to love him, the relationship is completely undercut by the knowledge that by saying three words three times, he can end the marriage, but she does not have the same right. If he says "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee" it is over. If he says these words out of anger, the divorce is still accomplished; they may not legally remarry until she has been married to another man, and had sex with him, then been divorced from him.

If she dislikes her husband, if she can't stand him, if he abuses her, it does not end until he says "I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee." The woman may be cast out, but she has no escape.The fact that he can have as many as three other wives makes all other women in her life potential competitors; this constrains her freedom to have friends.This also places undue burdens on the men, who, from an early age, are closely attached to their mothers, and to whom their mothers later look for protection against possible abuse of the husband.

Deprived of true fathers in their lives, they become men, who are then deprived of true loving marriage with a wife, due to the dysfunctional atmosphere of Islamic matrimony. Many men never have any wife at all, since many women prefer to be the second, third or even fourth wife of a rich man than the only wife of a poor one.Fathers, mothers, men, women, children -- all in the Islamic world suffer to some degree merely because of the existence of these rules, even if the rules are not enforced. "Islam demands ... 3) your emotions...."This does not end with death. Only a good Muslim, who has successfully lived by the rules of Islam, gets into paradise; all others will be in the fire. And, what is paradise truly like, if people who do successfully live by these rules are there? "Islam demands ... 4) your very soul."Islam demands 1) your body, 2) your intellect, 3) your emotions, and 4) your very soul.Islam is not just 1) corporal imperialism, 2) intellectual imperialism, 3) emotional imperialism, and 4) spiritual imperialism.Islam is absolute, complete, tyrannical, multifaceted slavery.Islam is Hell.

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