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Gates of Vienna


Ahmadinejad , like Hitler and Mussolini, intends to conquer the world. This
is not a hidden agenda. His goal is to establish a Caliphate. Like
he wants a nuclear arsenal, and he is building the same sort of
global alliances that enabled the Soviet Union to put missiles
near us.Look
again at the Iranians’ strategy. A couple of months ago
Ahmadinejad signed a
mutual defense pact with his pal, Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez. Two
dictators, awash in petrodollars, and besotted with hatred
for the United
States.President Chavez, who called President Bush “a devil”
at the podium of
the U.N., spoke to the applause of those in attendance as
he decried America.
Calling America an “imperialist power,” he says his
ambition is to become leader
of global alliance of nations to “radically
oppose the violent pressure that the
(American) empire exercises.”This
summer Chavez honored Ahmadinejad at a gala
and plans to visit North Korea,
at which an “oil-for-missiles deal” may be on
the agenda.The same North
Korea that has been building nuclear weapons to put on
missiles that can
reach our soil.Did you know that Venezuela is the leading
buyer of arms and
military equipment in the world today? Did you know that
Chavez is building
an army of more than a million soldiers and the most potent
air force in
South America — the largest Spanish-speaking armed force in
history?Did you
know that Venezuela will shortly spend thirty billion dollars to
twenty military bases in neighboring Bolivia, which will dominate the
borders with Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil? The bases will be
commanded by Venezuelan and Cuban officers.This is what the brilliant Carlos
Alberto Montaner — a survivor of Castro’s bloody regime — calls “a delirious
vision of history,” and it is driven by a new alliance of dictators from
Cuba and Venezuela.It is part of the grand design so proudly announced
Ahmadinejad: the destruction of our civilization


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