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Missa inte denna informativa blog! Nedan klistrar jag in ett inlägg från TBP...

Pakistan votes to amend rape laws
Good news from Pakistan.
The parliament there
voted to amend the crazy rape law this country has been
implementing for the past 27 years. And the country's midieval
religious parties are all seething about this vote.
Pakistan's national
assembly has voted to amend the country's strict Sharia laws on rape and
Until now rape cases were dealt with in Sharia courts. Victims had
to have four male witnesses to the crime - if not they faced prosecution for
Now, what's the probablity of a girl getting raped with 4 males
watching?? And not only watching but actually going to court to be
A woman is raped every two hours and gang-raped every eight hours
in Pakistan, according to the country's independent Human Rights
Correspondents say these figures are probably an under-estimation
as many rapes are not reported.
To all hair cover advocates out there: see
how hijab really prevents rape!!!!!


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