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Friday, November 10, 2006
Egyptian Police "Find" Explosives in

Huge quantities of explosives and weaponry are smuggled into Gaza
from Egypt on a daily basis, and every once in a while the Egyptian government
stages a bust to make it look like they’re trying to stop it: Egypt seizes explosives in Gaza frontier town.
- Egyptian security forces have said they had seized a quantity of explosives
from a man planning to smuggle them into the Gaza Strip in a tunnel dug under
the border.
The explosives were found in a car in the Egyptian part of the
town of Rafah straddling the Egypt-Gaza border, a security source said Friday,
without specifying the size of the find.
The driver admitted planning to
smuggle the explosives into the Gaza Strip with the help of a friend, also an
Egyptian, the source said, adding that in a search of the friend’s house they
uncovered the entrance to a narrow tunnel concealed under a wardrobe.
It was
the third time this month the Egyptian authorities reported intercepting
shipments of explosives in the Sinai bordering the Gaza Strip.
If they’ve had
to stage three of these explosives busts already this month, that gives you an
idea how much explosive material is really being smuggled in, as Hamas continues
building up for all-out war.


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