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Hazan Khan

"Hazan Khan" är en pakistansk apostat eller konvertit. Han eller hon föddes och växte upp som muslim men har sedan dess sett sannningen med islam och islamism och i hemlighet konverterat till kristendomen. Man kan ju tycka vad man vill om religioner i övrigt, men Hazan har en hel del viktiga synpunkter runtomkring islam, islamism och sharia.

Nedan klistrar jag in ett inlägg i sin helhet tagen från Hazans weblog.

Islamonazis - more true than you think!

Islam’s Nazi Connections

SS chief Heinrich Himmler was known to remark that he regretted that Germany had adopted Christianity, rather than "warlike" Islam, as its religion, and there is a disturbing amount of twisted but very real logic in his remark. Beyond the obvious dislike of a certain other religion, we have the plain fact that both Nazism and Islam both openly aim at world conquest. Both demand the total subordination of the free will of the individual – the very word "Islam" means submission in Arabic. Both are explicitly anti-nationalist and believe in the liquidation of the nation-state in favor of a "higher" community: in Islam the umma or community of all believers; in Nazism the herrenvolk or master race. Both believe in undemocratic leadership by a privileged knower of an absolute, eternal, and ultimately mystical truth: the caliph or führer respectively.


This gave rise to a curious Arab ditty rendered in English thus:

"No more monsieur,
No more mister.
In heaven Allah,
On earth Hitler."

Hitler himself was even given an Arabic name: Abu Ali.


The second most influential Egyptian daily is Al-Akhbar, which went a step further on April 18, 2001: "Our thanks go the late Hitler who wrought, in advance, the vengeance of the Palestinians upon the most despicable villains on the face of the earth. However, we rebuke Hitler for the fact that the vengeance was insufficient."

Also read:

Islam’s Ancient Hatred For The Jews

While Islam envisions the day when Christians and Jews will convert to Islam en masse, there is a distinction within Islam’s end time narrative between the final destiny of Christians and that of the Jews. In Islam’s version of the last-days, we see that all Christians will either accept Islam or be killed. Certainly, when we look at this final picture, it is impossible to say that Islam has any real affinity for Christians or Christianity. But when analyzing Islamic teaching and traditions about the Jews, one gets a very cold feeling that the only destiny that Islam has marked out for the Jews is that of an absolute and total slaughter. We see in the Islamic traditions a dark and very persistent hatred for the Jews nearly identical to the ideology expressed through Naziism. This ideology of hatred is fully supported and nurtured throughout the Quran and the Islamic traditions.


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