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The best aid there is...

... is no aid at all!

Accute aid for catastrophs- Yes! Aid for aid it selves purpouse- NO!

Much of the worlds poverty and suffering could be hindered by NOT giving out handouts!

By (name diety of chose)- Only in four days in December, the "palestinians" at the Gaza strip receved some 1400 tons of humanitary aid. What was their response?
200 Rockets vollyed in to Israelian territory!

No farmer in a poor country can compete with freebees being given out. So no farming will be done... That means that the people of the country will plunge more deeper in to poverty and famine.

SIDA for example- has to give away 1 000 000 KR every day, all year around, and virtually no one knows where the money goes to. It's insane!
Most probably- the money ends up in the leaders of the crooked states we give it to!
Like: RUSSIA! The space nation INDIA! Zimbawe, North Korea, the oil naition of VENEZUELA and frikking Saudi Arabia for cows sake... Just to take a few examples.



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