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Riots in Rosengård PII

Jakob Bilal har sin lägenhet ovanför den före detta moskén på Ramels väg och han är orolig.

Jakob Bilal outside his apartement.

Four days in a row riots have ravaged on the streets of Rosengård. The containers have been put outside of the former cellar mosque to hinder occupants to enter the premesis.

Jakob, who has his apartement just above the containers expresses his worry about his familys security.

"Look here. This is Palestine and Israel is out there. And the wall goes right in between."

Sort of tells you what's going on in Rosengård?!

Basem Mahmoud, the spokesman for the mosque occupiers, says that he don't want to be associated with the troublemakers. Yet there are strong indications that he himself has called in the rioters- according to a police source.

Many of those arrested are previously known by the police from protests with connections to animal rights (!), house ockupations and fair trade demonstrations. (Funny how that kind of demonstrations allmost allways ends up with violence and riots!)

Eight trailers and two cars was set on fire during Thursday night. Ewa-Gun Westford- the spokes person for the police- says that "It looks like a war zone here".
She continues: "It has been hard to work here, all police cars have been damaged. They have thrown bombs at us".

Police and firemen had to evacuate the area out of concern for their own safety.

Traffic had to be rerouted. Evelina Jörhov says: "It was scary. For a moment it did not feel like I was in Sweden."

Between 9:05 and 9:20 PM five arsons was reported at Ramels street. Firefighters who tried to put out the fires were bombarded with rocks thrown by protesters.

A witness- Sara Gilliard - says: "There were a lot of masked persons with Keffyieh's (Palestine scarfs- aka "freedom scarfs") was running around pouring gasoline and setting fires. It was quite scary because I live right nearby."

It was just a matter of time! The critical mass has been achived. Thank you Swedish politicians!

Video of the riot

MSM is reporting that it was calmer during Saturday night. Just a few incidents with container arsons and shootings at polices. "Just as any ordinary Saturday". On the other hand there also were a storm going on. The people in the black hoodies just don't want to get wet I suppose.


Blogger JMK said...

At least in Sweden and most of Europe, there is the option of mass deportations, right?

I mean, I've heard that many of these foreign Muslims aren't even citizens.

I know one of the things Nikolas Sarkozy ran and won on was the promise of just such mass deportations in the wake of France's riots a couple summers ago.

At this point, "poltical correctness" and "the ethnic diversity movement" are diseases, the only question is whether the West will come to see that before it's too late.

Friday, 19 December 2008 at 17:24:00 CET


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