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Che and Mao as your homeboys...

Video 7:33 Mn

Is it not fascinating how scertain people ideolises massmurderers?
It's the same people nowdays that weares Kheffyieh's and che' t- shirts.
The excact same people that bashes gays and pecuriarly enough are against the EU (considering that the EU should be a leftists wet dream- it's the internationale come true).
It's the same people, calling themselves anti-fascists, while using every violent method that fascists themselves uses.
It is the same people that loathes national socialaists and at the same time embraces islamists- I mean what the hell, they are all on the same place on the political scale! And they just don't get it!
It's the same people that thinks that freedom of speach should just be appliceble to their own ranks.
It's the same people that think that wearing stereo earplugs allowes you to walk in the middle of a street.
It's the same people that think Israel and USA are the bad guys and not the bomb tossing, rocket throwing, IED setting morons out there in the world.

In short: They are idiots!


Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Cool post, Pela! You are so right, the tolerant, multi culti, peacenik, leftists don't get it and never will. If 9/11 didn't wake them up nothing will. We'll just have to throw them on the trash heap of history along with the jihadis. Keep fighting the good fight!

Monday, 22 December 2008 at 03:49:00 CET


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