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Indian Summer

It's 25 c outside. Clear skies and soft southern winds. And I can not get down the stairs to make it outside... Actually, that's a small lie. I just came back from the healthcare station and the farmacy, and I'm now waiting for that codeine to kick in. I found myself asking for mercy- actually begging for mercy- this morning. How about that for an Agnostic?

Does burning bushes leave a smaller CO2 imprint?

Pope to make climate action a moral obligation

How about Leprechauns way of living?
The Boogyemens?

It's still comes down to faith. To believe in something that might or might not exist!
Without no evidence what so ever!

Beliefe can be a wonderful thing. Belive in your children. Belive in your self!

Belive in a god if you want to... Just do not think that you are a morally superior person just because you do!

I belive in YOU!

Pat Condell (video)


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