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Sweden heads world asylum league

Sweden received more asylum applications than any other country in the world apart from the United States in the first six months of this year, with Iraqis making up the bulk of requests.

Yes, but the difference is that Sweden allmost exclusively takes in muslims. Nothing wrong with that- except for the asylum seekers ideology!


The UNHCR puts the popularity of Sweden down to the country's large Iraqi community and its "strong social network."

"Strong social network" - hmm; that's just another way of saying that you really does not need to work here. As long as you are a muslim of course!
Statistics shows that less than 50% of the muslims in Sweden works. 70-80% of those who do work, does it in the public sector (of course there are a lot of black market working- but that does not really help it at all- huh?). This means that 90-95 % of the muslims are not paying in any net taxes at all! To be honest. Yes, even the black market buissness contributes to Swedens GDP. But is this really the way we want it to be done?
I'm paying for the muslims healthcare, childcare and schooling (aswell as for their food and heat and the freaking ramadam presents- if they give any to eachother...) I do not want to do this! I have enough trouble saving up to that XBOX 360 that my kid (and I) wants!



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