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Ted Bundy Lives: Islamic Terrorists Mimic Notorious Serial Killer

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Terrorists inflict fear. They are cunning and constantly changing to outwit their enemies. In their ever growing arsenal of minimizing identification, terrorists have taken a page from brutal serial killer Ted Bundy.

The notorious Theodore Robert Bundy was a promising law student who had good looks and charm. Yet, Bundy had a darkness within himself which propelled him to kill young women. Ted was a smart man who liked challenges, and so it was fitting that he chose a most difficult prey to hunt. Instead of killing prostitutes or runaways, Bundy set his sights on pretty, middle class college girls. This was more enthralling for the sadistic murderer. He knew that in order to catch his intended prey, he had to come up with a ruse which would make the girls let down their guards. Thus, he pretended to be injured when he approached them. He wore a cast. He made a big production out of being hurt so his victims would feel sorry for him. In this way, he could get close to the girls while raising less suspicion. Ted was very successful, and the girls paid a horrible price for being compassionate.

Terrorists have taken notice of the sympathy card, and they have smartly decided to play it. They believe in the mantra that people are fundamentally unaware of danger and likely to overlook security risks when dealing with the weak. And this strategy has worked for them. From using the disabled as martyrs, to disguising themselves as medical patients, to crossing into the U.S. illegally with fake Hispanic identities, terrorists study other successful predators and model their behaviors accordingly. Further, they study mass populace reactions and learn which buttons to push to garner pity.
In Iraq, terrorists have used handicapped children as suicide bombers. In fact, a child with Down’s syndrome was used to blow up a polling site in Baghdad. A bomb was placed around the child’s body, and he was marched to the polling location. His handlers then goaded him to walk to the target. But the terrified child paused. He became confused, and as a result, he turned and began walking to the terrorists who had sent him. The infuriated psychopaths immediately detonated the boy, furious that he had failed. At another time, terrorists used another Down’s syndrome child to throw grenades with the hope that U.S. soldiers would kill the boy. They believed that the disabled children would be able to get closer to their targets because people would be naturally less suspicious and even sympathetic to the injured.

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