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Malmö: A Hot Time in the Old Town Last Night

I was going to write something about this whole mess but Dymphna over at Gates of Vienna beat me to it. She covers the event pretty well. Once again, the press here in Sweden only calls the perps is only mentioned as "youths"; while everyone knows that Rosengård in Malmö is 90% muslim.

I recently read a story of how young Swedish teenage girls in Södertälje- an adjacent and neighbouring town of Stockholm- hevily populated by muslims; felt the need to cover their hair- hijab style- just not to be called (you know what) names or being sexually assaulted.

It seems that when the muslim population of an area comes to a certain concentration- a critical mass if you will- then all hell breakes loose. It has been proven over and over again, in Great Britain, Holland, France, Denmark and now in Sweden.

It´s the old islamic tactic of "when few and being a underdog- lay low. But when in strength- Kill the infidels!"

Read all of Dymphnas post here!

Also, don't forget to look at this video here. (Oh, and the stone throwers talked about in the end of the video was not... Well Budhists- if you know what I mean...)


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