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Swedish newspapers...

Svenska Dagbladet (The Swedish Daily Times), runs a story about a "poor Swedish, pregnant teenager" that was arrested on the road to Kenya- a well known escaperoute for the islamists in Somalia.

First: The seventeen year old is the daughter to the president of the Swedish muslim councel. She allegedly went for a sun- vacation in Dubai during the christmas hollidays. Well there she (and her husband) descided to travel to the well known vacation resort known as Somalia som 4000 km away from Dubai. The Ethiopian invasion had not started at this time, but it was well known at the time that Somalia was concidered a "failed state", ruled by islamists... It does not seem to be the "ideale" vacation resort for a pregnant Swedish teenager- don´t you agree?

Second: Nor the girl or her husband had any previous connections to Somalia whatsoever!

Third: The couple did not in any way alert their relatives back in Sweden about their changed "vacation plans". Doing so from one harmless spot to another should not raise any eyebrows. But if the intentions with the travels were of a more sinister charactere, maby it would be different- huh?

Fourth: The goal of the "vacation trip" to Somalia were´nt the capitol city or any of the long beach resorts there. On the contrary the couple chose to travel down south and meet up with other "vacation celebraters" in an area well known for it´s high concentration of islamist illegal combattants. They apparently became so sweet friends with them that they joined their new friends on another travel towards the Kenyan border after the Ethiopian invasion. Well there the "scary American Army" interrupted their cosy stay in the country and they were shipped back to Somalia.

The headlines and the body in the article just cries out for the outrageous atrocities this girl and her husband had to go through (maby the feared belly slap?), but do not question for a second what the couple was doing in Somalia. Well they are free and back in Sweden now- only time will tell.


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