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Planting a seed of wisdom

Once in a while I write a story on this blog, not only post others- or links to others. Storytelling is an artform. Anyone ca write a story but fwew can write a good story- one that catches the interrest of a reader, and even fewer can do this while holding the narrative together.

Writing in a foreign language makes it even harder. I know I make a lot of misstakes (spelling errors being the bulk of them), but to write a good story in English you have to think in English. I try to- but my brain shouts back at me "I'm Swedish, stupid!".

The bulk of my writing I do in Swedish, I believe I can make myself understood in Swedish in a way I will never be able to do when writing in English.
Still- on this blog I make a try. Mainly because of the fact that allmost all the readers are English reading.

Writing a good history with a good narrative is not all there is to it. You want to make a statement. Get the reader to "read between the lines" but most importantly, you must make shure that the reader actually understands the underlaying message- planting a seed of wisdom.

Trying to do that while writing humerous, sarcastic and ironic texts is an order of magnitude harder. I really know that I should not be doing it. But It´s a poison; a mental "fix", if you will.

Making people laugh, baloons my ego. But it also make me feel good maby to have brought a moment of joy to other people- if only for a moment.

Laughter is a human trait- But crying is aswell.

Some people has a way with words that is almost spooky. They write storys with an ease I´m jelous of. They also get the narrative right and succeds in getting a- in between the lines- message in a seemingly non-forced way- planting a seed of wisdom.

One such writer is Dymphna over at Gates of Vienna.

Today I read a short story of hers. It tells us of a conversation with a challenged teen and how Dymphna tryed to plant a seed of widom within him. That was what the story did for me-

Planted a seed of wisdom!

A Teachable Moment


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