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The duality of islam

I'm shure that all interested in the matter allready have read this piece from Front Page Magazine. But I think it is to important to be overlooked.

So this is for all of you that has missed it, or all you ignorants, apologets and islamic challanged humans; (yes, you are humans. You just have not discovered humanity yet!).

The study of political islam


Blogger Knute said...

At the Gates of Vienna
Baron Bodissey wrote that the recent riots in Copenhagen were not jihad-related, they were ’68 all over again.

I disagree.

There is a Fatwa to chase out the Danes from Nörrebro, the particular district in Copenhagen were the contested Ungdomshuset was situated. The riots became an opportunity for young Muslims to fulfil the wishes of their Imams. Though they had no involvement with the Ungdomshuset, were they the most active participants. The Police of Copenhagen says, “They were good at throwing stones and quickly run away.”

Every car on every street was burned. As you wrote, a high school was vandalized and 7000 books in the library was burned, all computers destroyed. But TV and news papers are silent of the role of the Muslim immigrants. They have found their scapegoats - Christiania, the free haven of hippies will be the next battlefield. The Danish authorities should concentrate on stopping islamization instead.

Thursday, 8 March 2007 at 15:48:00 CET


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