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Do'nt you ever, EVER make a joke about muslims or about islam...

... because then you will have a fatwah on your ass!

I say- to our islamic challanged "friends", #¤&&%/&¤/&¤/& your mother=//%%¤&#(/& your stinking camel, and while you are at it /%¤%##"& your kaaba and %¤¤#&%¤&%( your goat and ¤#"¤!%¤ your imam and &%#¤"#%¤¤# your mullah!

But whatever you do; DO NOT %¤"%¤#" A 9 YEAR OLD....

Aaaaaaaaargh, sometimes I get so angry I think I'm going to explode! Right; I'm still not an islamist.

But /&%¤/&"/&¤)&%¤"/&¤&%¤/&%¤&/&%%¤#/&¤#;%/& all of you islamists out there!
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Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

"sometimes I get so angry I think I'm going to explode!"

If that comment were coming from the other side, it would be of some concern.

"Right; I'm still not an islamist."

Wednesday, 7 March 2007 at 13:03:00 CET


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