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Those people are nucki'n fut's

"Palestinian Civil War Watch

The Israeli security fence and the IDF’s actions against terrorists have
seriously limited the terrorists’ access to innocent civilians inside Israel,
and so the various armed Palestinian groups continue to turn on each other: Clashes break out in Gaza, despite Mecca deal.

Members of the Popular Resistance Committees, a group affiliated with
Hamas, opened fire Monday at the car of Muhammad Youssef, a senior police
official. Youssef escaped the attack unharmed, and police launched a

The Resistance Committees accused Youssef of refusing to integrate group
members into the police force, despite a previous agreement to do so.
another incident, members of a Hamas militia engaged in a daytime gunbattle with
security forces. The gunbattle broke out when Hamas and Fatah loyalists argued
over who had control of a nearby training compound in Gaza City, security
officials said.

Have you ever seen people more deserving of statehood?"

Have you ever seen people in more need of a spanking?


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