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Playing the Islamophobia Card

"Islamophobia is a term thrown around these days to condemn anyone who dares to tell the truth about the source of global terrorism. The Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC), for example, claims that it is “offensive," "irresponsible" and "insensitive" to describe the self-professed Muslim jihadists who kill in the name of Allah as Islamist fundamentalist extremists or Muslim terrorists. But that is exactly who they are.

Is the OIC right in saying that “Islam often conjures in the western minds images of authoritarian government, subjugation of women, cruel punishments of Sharia Law and violence in the popular Western mind?" Yes they are, but that is not evidence of Western bigotry or a “clash of ignorance,” as the OIC would have us believe. Every one of these images mirrors the truth about the unfortunate state of Muslim life in much of the Middle East, Asia and Africa today.

No amount of Islamo-propaganda can obscure the fact that extremist Muslims kill other Muslims with whom they disagree as well as the "infidels" whom they so despise. Moderate Muslim leaders who believe in more modern, pluralistic values and who would criticize the extremists if they had a chance cower in silence in fear of their lives. When a government run by strict adherence to Islamic law takes control, those who do not conform are jailed or executed. Women are treated like chattel. And, sadly, Islam has been used to justify legions of al Qaeda and Shiite fanatics to fight to the death – theirs and ours – in order to establish their vision of a global Muslim caliphate."

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