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Apartheid in our time

There was a time when there was "white only" seats at buses in USA. There was a time where there was white only seats in South Africa. We should have thought that we in a civilized world would have come over theese atrocities, do'nt you think?

Well; there are places still who sports theese way of thoughts. It is not in South Africa, it is not in the southern of USA.

It takes place- in this day and age- in (surprise, surprise), the middle- east!
Do you know what you risk if you take a wrong turn in sadui- arabia- if you are not a muslim? Well, let's just say that it could (or probably would be) the last traffical error you would do.
Saudi-Arabia (and I shudder of the thought of writing that in capitals); is in fact enforcing actual apartheid, with the much encompassing risc for you to be killed if you actually takes a wrong turn in this vile country!
This is what happened to three French travellers, doing just that.
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Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Hurray for the progressive Religion of Peace, here to protect us from excessive liberty!

Where do I sign up?

(It's hard to type that with a straight face.)

Wednesday, 28 February 2007 at 01:29:00 CET


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