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Jag blir så.... ARG!

French filmmaker Pierre Rehov states that: “A friend of mine is a retired chief
of police, who used to be in charge of the security of a major city in the south
of France. He reported to me that his men had to face an average of 10 rapes a
week, 80% made by Muslim young men. 30% being what we call, in French, a
“tournante,” meaning that the victim is being raped by an entire gang, one after
the other, often during an entire night.” “He was astonished that, in most
cases, the parents not only would back up their rapist children, but also would
not even understand why they would be arrested. There is an instant shift in the
notion of good and evil as a major component of culture. The only evil those
parents would see, genuinely, is the temptation that the male children had to
face. Since in most cases the victims were not Muslims, the parents’ answer and
rejection was even more genuine: how could their boys be guilty of anything,
when normally answering to a provocation by occidental women, known for their
unacceptable behavior?”



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