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An Open Letter to Expo and the Expressen Newspaper

Fjordman has over at Gates of Vienna published an essay wich in many matters says what I for a time now have been trying to say.

[The newspaper Expressen in Sweden recently published an article claiming that two members of the Sweden Democrats party have ties to neo-Nazi organizations. First of all: If these people really do have neo-Nazi connections, they do not belong in a civilized party and should in my view be expelled immediately. The SD will never be taken seriously if they have people like this in their party and they do not deserve to.

That is, however, not the only issue at stake here. The source quoted in this article is the organization Expo. Expo has released a warning against the rise of “organized Islamophobia.” A number of blogs with content that “should probably be banned” were mentioned, among them Gates of Vienna and Little Green Footballs. Two of the important Scandinavian blogs that were labelled “Islamophobes” were Snaphanen and Kurt Lundgren. As both of them have pointed out, according to the article it looks like Expo had access to lists of telephone conversations and bank account information about transactions made by a number of private citizens. If this is correct — and so far I know no more than what this article tells me — several readers suggest that this could be illegal political surveillance of free citizens by a private (but state-sponsored) organization.

AFADid Expressen journalist David Baas ask Expo how they obtained this information? And if the methods employed were indeed problematic, how many peaceful, private citizens have Expo also been checking in order to make this discovery? The article by Baas mentions the left-wing extremist organization Antifascistisk Aktion (AFA), which has for years and with near impunity been physically and verbally attacking any person deemed to be critical of Sweden’s insane immigration policies. Is the Expressen newspaper going to put the violent organization AFA under similar scrutiny? Can they, for instance, find out why members of AFA in 2007 were allowed to walk next to senior members of the Swedish cabinet, the Swedish media and the Swedish law enforcement despite the fact that AFA members had probably attacked the property of a judge only days before? How come AFA can openly brag about their violent, extra-legal activities for years without being stopped by the authorities? Is it possible that the political elites find them to be a useful tool against those criticizing mass immigration?

As Bruce Bawer writes in While Sweden Slept: “Sweden Democrats have been the targets of events that recall China’s Cultural Revolution. Staged ‘people’s protests’ by members of the ‘youth divisions’ of other parties have led to the firing of Sweden Democrats from their jobs. A few weeks ago, a junior diplomat was dismissed when it became known that he was a member of the party and had criticized his country’s immigration policy. On several occasions, thugs loyal to the ruling parties have broken up SD meetings and beaten up party leaders.”]

What few people realizes is that racist organisations by all means are leftists. They are socialists, communists- and yes- islamists. Because politically- and it is a political movement. Islam is more red than the blood spilled in it's name!

The Sweden Democrates on the other hand is an oxymoron or an enigma. While being better social democrates than the Social Democrates themselves (and that's where they get their new found voters from) they are also for greater restriction on immigration (where the socialists get
their votes from) and has been associated through out their history with nazis while at the same time being out right Israel symphatizers. How about that for a political mess? But that's how the political scene looks here in Europe. And one of the starchest supporters of nazi Germany here in Sweden in the 30:s and 40:s were the social democrates!

Then on the other hand we have the social democratic bed buddys- the communists. Who they syphatised with... Well I think you can guess.

Read the rest here.


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