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Vares part III

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I will never forget the feelings and facial exprssions we were met by in Pominici. People desperatly looking for family members. The relief in the faces of those that found their loved ones. And the grief displayed by those that found none. I on the other side had now got a reciept of our precense there not only being motivated. It was absolutely nessescary.

Now it was time to get back to the camp. It sowed up to be harder than we expected. The HVO now knew what we had done. They did not like that we had "chosen sides" by helping the refugees. It was apparently also contradicting UN guidelines.
At one checkpoint in the south outskirts of Vares we were stopped. Major Ekberg asked for advice over the radio.
Ulf Henricsson himself answered the call:

"This is Viktor Lima One. Are there any mines there?"
"That's a negative!"
"Then give them two minutes, after that roll over the bastards"
That was the first- but not the last checkpoint crushed by the Nordic Battalions armored vehicles!

We were running the gauntlet through Vares before atlast we were stopped in the middle of the town by soldiers with RPG:s. Four soldiers with LAW:s stood with their weapons pointing at the convoy. The atmosphere of the encounter was so tense, that any missguided movement could have made all hell brake loose. Standing at the heavy machine gun at the front vehicle, I realised that I was probably the first to fall. My machine gun was furthermore attached to a aerial protection stative with no armor to protect me. I was an easy target. At the same time I realised that my weapon was the only thing that could save our bacon if the shit hit the fan. I started to prepare for my death by giving orders and giving out targets for the others in the APC. The most important thing, was that someone would take over my weapon- not if- but when i was killed!

To be continued...


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

That's the kind of guts we need.

And a general with the balls to say, "If that man was a corporal, he's a sergeant now!"

Despite the best efforts of the feminazis, I know you sons-of-vikings have it in you yet.

Monday, 3 September 2007 at 04:06:00 CEST


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