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DTP Mayor Faces Charges for building Kurdistan-Shaped Public Swimming Pool

And here we go again... Sigh!

Court proceedings are under way against the DTP Mayor of the Municipality of Kayapinar in Amed Zulkuf Karatekin, and four others, for building a public swimming pool in the shape the supposed Kurdistan.

Karatekin failed to attend an initial hearing at Amed 6th High Criminal Court and gave no reason for his absence. Mehmet Gundogan, a contractor, Mustafa Sencar, a scientific supervisor with Kayap─▒nar Municipality, Ahmet Sis, a civil engineer and parks controller, and agricultural engineer Mehmet Askeri Kelek├žiler were all present at the hearing. The accused rejected claims made against them. The court decided on the forced attendance of Mayor Mr. Zulkuf Karatekin at future hearings. The court also demanded an example of a map of the supposed Kurdistan from Amed Police Department. /

The thing is that Turkey does not recognize any Kurdistan "nation"!
How can they then oppose of the shape of a swimmingpool?
And this is a nation that is soon to be incorporated in to EU...


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