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When I was a boy; part two- The empire strikes back, and how I invaded Norway

Sweden was a militarian superpower at one time. No I don't mean the vikings. But Sweden concuered much of the northern parts of Europe as well as Finland and Norway, and pretty much terrorised large parts of Europe and Russia.

- Well, yeah; we got our butts kicked later on, pretty much from everyone- but still.

There are still a saying in Poland and Preussia which (mean) parents use to scare their children with: If you do not do as I say, the swedes will come and get you!- How about that?

Sweden has pretty much always been a bully towards the neighboring countrys trhough out history, so it's not very surpricing that there is a "love- hate" kind of relationship between the different participants, so to speak.

One of those very well meaning relationships, is between Sweden and Norway. Swedes tells jokes about the "stupid Norwegians" and the Norwegians thinks Swedes are even stupider than that! But it's not a hate fest. It's a kind of brother- sister harsh love thing; if you know what I mean.

Anyway, when I did rangerschool; once I was on a patrol in the mountainranges diferenting or bordering Sweden and Norway. When we were taking a food break our CO told us that the white painted boulders some way ahead of us counted as the border to Norway.

After finishing our chow- about half the platoon took off, ran over the border and "took a dump".

Now, going over national borders in uniform- especially when armed "hot", is by international law to be concidered as "an invasion". do I need to say that the CO was not especially pleased with us?

Still- I'm happy to think that I have contributed to, and "natured" the very lovely sights of Norway...

And then again. It was totally worth it!


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